Dad – Typography quilled card

It was Father’s day yesterday and I wanted to make something special for my dad. He is the best father in the world. Given me things even before I have asked for, stood by me always, made me understand my mistakes patiently and most importantly made me the person that I’m today.

I decided to make a card with the word ‘Dad’ for him. I used a patterned paper for the background and then sketched the alphabets on it. Selecting colors for the card was a challenge though. I decided to go ahead with shades of blue, green and yellow to make the card look nice and fresh. πŸ™‚ I just had a day to finish the card and hence I decided to use tight coils and quillography to make a quick but good looking card. So here are some pics of the design and the card. Dad loved the card and has already displayed it in his showcase. Btw, this is also my entry for the Indian Quilling Guild Challenge # 1 πŸ™‚ What do you think? Did you like the design? Do share your feedback πŸ™‚ Β  Dad - card Dad 2Dad 3


Home Sweet Home

It’s been few months since we moved into our new house and I am still coming up with ideas to decorate it. The husband is nice and let’s me do whatever I want and that just make things better for me:D

So, I came across some cute ‘home sweet home’ wall art on pinterest and I was oh so inspired. So this is what I created using canvas, acrylic paint, mdf alphabet cut-outs and glue.

I made the first design basis the decor of my living room. The tree is a wall decal from kwikdeko (they have some awesome and affordable wall decal options. Do check the out!) but the birds and and the bird house are painted by me.


So this is Version 1:


My friends and family loved this so much that I decided to come up with another version. This was a gift for my parents πŸ™‚ My dad is very fond of owls and hence I decided to paint that on their piece.

This is how version 2 looks like:


These are the 2 versions πŸ™‚ Which one is your favorite? Do share your feedback! Happy Crafting!!!


Celebrating togetherness

Celebrating togetherness

A special engagement gift for a couple with their initials.
The initials and the design was created by a friend. I took a print out of the design on white card stock and started quilling on it. I have used reverse colors on the alphabets to signify love and how important it is to compliment each other in a relationship. I wanted to keep the design simple and minimalistic and I think it looks just that way. What do you think?

I framed it in a shadow box but forgot to click a picture of that 😦

However, the couple loved the personalized gift.

Do leave your feedback. Helps me work better πŸ™‚


Love you Owlways!

This is my first ever entry for a card making contest. And I’m super excited! πŸ™‚

I’m new to card making and hence the only thing I had at home were some card stock, water colors and patterned paper and oh yes, loads of quilling strips. Basis the limited card making things I had, I decided to make a quilled card.

I made this card for my husband dear. There is a story behind this card though. We both are night owls and are really smart (at least we think that way ;)) so when I thought of making a card for him, all I could think of were owls. Hence, I used quilling and some painting to make this card.

So here is my entry for theΒ Challenge #25 –Β Oh So LOVE-ly!Β andΒ Challenge #30- Celebrate Love


I have tried to add some fine details to the design by adding a cute flower on the female owl (that’s me) and a bow tie on the male owl (my husband). I have used ear buds to paint the heart by dabbing paint on it.

Here you could check the close-up o the card


I gave this card to him today i.e. on Valentine’s day. Btw, he seems to be very happy with the result.

Hope you all like it too πŸ™‚