‘Love’ – Cutting

While browsing Facebook , I randomly came across an art form called as ‘paper cutting’. The work which I saw was from the super talented  Papercut artist Louise Firchau who is better known as Paper Panda. I was astonished at the details she gets into her work. Some pieces are oh so tiny that its difficult to believe that they are paper cuts.

I without fail check her FB page every day to see what new things she come up with. And trust me there isn’t a day where she has failed to surprise me. She sells her design templates on her online store as well. So I had to make something special for ‘the husband’ and decided to give paper cutting a try. I bought the template with the word ‘love’ written it  from her store and when I opened the PDF template I freaked out! The design was so intricate and delicate that I gave up on seeing the design.

However, I gathered the courage after a day to look at the template again and decided to give it a shot. So came my knife and mat to give me some support. I started very slowly. This section took me around 2 hours. But I started getting better with the cuts. I finished the design in total of 3 sittings…around 7 hours. I know that’s a lot of time…but remember I’m a beginner?

WIP paper cut


Here is the final design! Gosh! I can’t believe I made this. So delicate and fragile…and yet to be framed. The husband loved it. 😀 And you?

Now I will be making more of these for sure. But remember one thing, paper cutting is very unforgiving. I wrong move and everything gone 😦

Will you give paper cutting a try?


I got featured!

I got featured!

I was interviewed recently by Firstpost.com for their Life Beyond Advertising section. I was super anxious and nervous however, the interview turned out quite well. Have a read 🙂 and let me know how it was.


Love you Owlways!

This is my first ever entry for a card making contest. And I’m super excited! 🙂

I’m new to card making and hence the only thing I had at home were some card stock, water colors and patterned paper and oh yes, loads of quilling strips. Basis the limited card making things I had, I decided to make a quilled card.

I made this card for my husband dear. There is a story behind this card though. We both are night owls and are really smart (at least we think that way ;)) so when I thought of making a card for him, all I could think of were owls. Hence, I used quilling and some painting to make this card.

So here is my entry for the Challenge #25 – Oh So LOVE-ly! and Challenge #30- Celebrate Love


I have tried to add some fine details to the design by adding a cute flower on the female owl (that’s me) and a bow tie on the male owl (my husband). I have used ear buds to paint the heart by dabbing paint on it.

Here you could check the close-up o the card


I gave this card to him today i.e. on Valentine’s day. Btw, he seems to be very happy with the result.

Hope you all like it too 🙂