Home Sweet Home

It’s been few months since we moved into our new house and I am still coming up with ideas to decorate it. The husband is nice and let’s me do whatever I want and that just make things better for me:D

So, I came across some cute ‘home sweet home’ wall art on pinterest and I was oh so inspired. So this is what I created using canvas, acrylic paint, mdf alphabet cut-outs and glue.

I made the first design basis the decor of my living room. The tree is a wall decal from kwikdeko (they have some awesome and affordable wall decal options. Do check the out!) but the birds and and the bird house are painted by me.


So this is Version 1:


My friends and family loved this so much that I decided to come up with another version. This was a gift for my parents πŸ™‚ My dad is very fond of owls and hence I decided to paint that on their piece.

This is how version 2 looks like:


These are the 2 versions πŸ™‚ Which one is your favorite? Do share your feedback! Happy Crafting!!!



DIY 3D Butterfly

Hello peeps

So finally I present my first DIY project on the blog. This is a simple idea to decorate your wall, soft board or a piece of furniture. You don’t need to be a crafting genius to do this, its simple and quick and most importantly very pretty. I was inspired by Liana Marcle’s video on YouTube. I Β loved what she has done, but I have added my own twists to it. Check the step by step instructions to make your own butterfly πŸ™‚

This is what I did with these beauties. Made my Urban Ladder mirror look pretty and dressy. Now it’s your turn!


The 3D butterfly

Supplies needed: Butterfly prints,scissors,Β black acrylic paint, paint brush, wire, pearls, double sided tape or glue drop and m-seal or black clay

Step 1:Google for butterfly images online. You could pick whatever attracts your attention the most πŸ˜‰

Step 2:Print them, in a size you want. I had 2 butterflies on one A4 size sheet. Pick a size basis the place you will be using them

Step 3:Cut the butterflies along the border

Step 4: Then fold the butterfly along the center (3D effect)

Step 5: Take some m-seal, mix it well and make a small cylindrical shape out of it (This for the body). You could use clay to do the same thing as well. Stick it to the center of the butterfly and let it dry. Color the shape with black acrylic color

Step 6: Get regular wire from a hardware store. Something which can be easily cut with scissors. Cut small pieces for the antenna and insert them in the m-seal or clay shape while they are still wet.

Step 7: Use a small size pearl to create the head (Not a compulsory step)

Step 8: Turn the butterfly after the m-seal/clay has dried and stick either a double sided tape or glue drop to it

Step 9:The 3D butterfly is ready for decoration!

Here is the collage of the steps. Do try it out and share your picture with me πŸ™‚